License Number Plate Recognizer

FRFD solution, Licence_Plate_Recognizer
License Number Plate Recognizer License Plate Recognition is a Deep Learning and AI-based license plate detection, recognition and search solution with an accuracy as high as 98%. Vehicle monitoring is a large part of outdoor security and surveillance, and license plate recognition is an integral part of this task. The product works with live cameras and archived video. The following capabilities are provided:  Detects and recognizes license plates on moving or stationary vehicles  Supports processing of single frames and video streams  Compares detected plates against a watch list database and provides real-time alerts on plate matches  Provides detailed reports  Handles different plate styles, e.g. regular/stacked  Supports multiple countries (check for current list)  Various LPR/ANPR models available: gates, entrance, roadside, traffic lights, parking lots,…
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